The indirect gravity effect
This investigation shows how the ground radiation that precedes an earthquake can affect us.  It shows how seismic and human disturbances are related because charged particles released from rocks under pressure affect animals and people.   This is caused by the Indirect Gravity Effect, which also appears to disturb sunspots and cause flares. 
Planets, Sunspots and Earthquakes presents a working hypothesis of how planetary forces help to trigger solar and seismic disturbances, and cause the related biological effects on human welfare. This work is the result of observation and investigation during three eleven-year sunspot cycles  – Frank Glasby, author.


* Indian disaster experts warn of a massive earthquake in the Himalayan region.  More info here.

* "Mysteriously powerful" particles from solar explosions revealed in a new study.  More info here.

* NOAA Solar Cycle Prediction Panel predicted a maximum of 90 occurring in May, 2013. "While awaiting final confirmation, all evidence points to the most recent solar maximum having peaked at 82 in April, 2014.  This was within the expected range for the peak, but occurred significantly later than predicted".
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